Since we launched our bias-binding service last year we have been inundated with orders for this service. On a regular basis we are asked the same questions regarding the service so thought I would answer the standard queries with a blog-post.

Our range of Oilcloth and PVC Vinyl Wipe Clean Tablecloths don't come as standard with a finished edge. Due to the nature of the wipe clean fabrics they do not fray like a 'traditional' cotton tablecloths. The coating on the wipe clean tablecloth will stop it from fraying. However aesthetically the bias-binding does finish off a cloth nicely.


Here are some FAQ's around having bias binding on your Oilcloth Wipe Clean Tablecloth

  1. Is there an additional cost for bias-binding? Yes there is, it costs an extra £19
  2. What colour choices do you have for the bias-binding? We will normally try to match the binding with the colour of the cloth. Unfortunately as many colours of bias-binding as we carry sometimes it might be difficult to get a close match. We will normally give you a call or e-mail to see your preference.
  3. How long does it take to do? We normally say 7 days but this depends on how many orders we have before. We have turned them around in a day before now. If you need your order in a hurry please do get in touch and we can advise on lead-time.
  4. Can I order an extra-wide sewn together wipe clean tablecloth and have bias-binding added? Yes that is not a problem, we can do that.
  5. Are there any other extras I can order with my oilcloth or PVC vinyl? Yes we offer rounded corners and/or parasol holes for outside tablecloths.
  6. Can I have bias-binding with a clear table protector? Yes of course, we have done quite a few recently. Most people opt for a white bias binding.


I hope this answers some of your queries, still not sure? Why not CONTACT US  and we will be happy to help out.