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Taupe Labrador Dogs Oilcloth Wipe Clean Tablecloth

In stock

A design which attracts a number of dog lovers, but it has a consistent broad-spectrum appeal which sees a lot of non-dog enthusiasts also drawn to it. Our Taupe Labrador Oilcloth Tablecloth is similar in design to the popular design by Sophie Allport Labradors and has a small polka dot and it would be a wonderful enhancement for any table. The Labrador image turns these into great children’s tablecloths, along with all the potential mess that comes with that scenario. Luckily this is a completely wipe clean tablecloth so no worry there. Its versatility can also be extended to craft projects so these captivating animals often crop up on bags and aprons. This Oilcloth Tablecloth is 100% cotton with a PVC coating.