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Measuring Guide

Before ordering your desired PVC or Oilcloth Tablecloth you must firstly know the dimensions of your table. This section will talk you through how to measure both round and square/rectangle table.

All of our PVC Vinyl measures 140cm (55") and our Oilcloth Tablecloth measure approximately 132-134cm in width.

We have a range of Acrylic Fabric that is 139cm and 180cm wide.

Alternatively if you require something larger we regularly make extra-wide tablecloths to order. We do this by sewing two widths together. The cloth is professionally sewn by our in-house seamstress and professionally pattern matched. Please get in touch if you would like a quote for this service or alternatively choose your size from the drop-down size menu on your chosen product.

1. Shape of Table
2. Unit of Measurement
Centimeters (cm)
Inches (")
3. Table Width
4. Table Length
5. Overhang Length
Start Again


Round Table

Measuring the tablecloth for your round table couldn’t be easier. To measure the diameter of your table simply measure from the centre from end to end. Once you have this figure you then need to choose your desired overhang. The general rule is to allow for 40-50cm (16”-20”) overhang but this can be down to personal preference. Add both these figures together and you have the diameter you require.

Square or Rectangle Table

Measuring a square or rectangle table for your PVC or Oilcloth Tablecloth will take you about two minutes to do. Firstly measure the width of your table from edge to edge. Allow 40-50cm (16’ to 20”) overhang (20-25cm each side), you can have longer but this is down to preference and also the maximum width of the tablecloth (approx 135cm”). For example, if you are a family with young children you might want a shorter overhang or if you have a more traditional styled home you may want a longer drop.

To measure the length just repeat the process as you did for measuring the width. Again allow for a 40-50cm overhang (20-25cm each side).


Please don't hesitate to contact us for further help.