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Jolee Tablecloths Blog

  1. How To Sew with Oilcloth

    How To Sew with Oilcloth
    Sewing with Oilcloth, PVC Vinyl or Acrylic Fabric can be so rewarding. There has been a real increase in the popularity of working with Oilcloth. Lots of small businesses are now flourishing selling things such as Oilcloth Bags, aprons and peg bags. Due to how versatile Oilcloth is the only limitations really are your imagination when working with Oilcloth. Because...
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  2. What is Oilcloth?

    Possibly the most asked question asked to us is 'What is the difference between your Tablecloths?' Unfortunately, over the years the difference has become a bit clouded as modern oilcloth is nothing like it was many years ago. Oilcloth use dates back to the 18th Century where it used linen as a base cloth and was then coated with linseed-oil...
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