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Retro Ochre Yellow Small Tulips Oilcloth Wipe Clean Tablecloth

In stock

A simple pattern and soft colour makes this a perfect addition to any home


A simple pattern and soft colour makes this a perfect addition to any home

What do you get when you mix a stylish Ochre yellow colour and an on trend scandinavian design. This Ochre Yellow Small Tulips Wipe Clean Oilcloth of course! With a minimalist pattern and a stylish yellow colour this will slot into anyones decor with veritable ease. Perfect for use as a stylish wipe clean tablecloth oilcloth and also for various craft projects this is a must for all the fashion conscious out there.

Don't forget that we sell a range of optional extras such as bias-binding hemmed edging, rounded corners, parasol holes and even extra-wide tablecloths. 


Boxed corners are a perfect addition to any wipe clean tablecloth. Perfect for use on Oilcloth, PVC Vinyl and Acrylic tablecloths they come with bias-binding as standard. Whether it is just for aesthetics or practical purposes boxed corners not only look great but help with any issues of a tablecloth moving around.

To order, simply choose the design you want and add the boxed corners to your basket. The boxed corners are only for square and rectangle tables.


When ordering measure the table length and table width then add 30cm to give you a 15cm overhang. For example if your table measures 100cm x 150cm. You would order 132cm x 180cm. 

Once you have ordered you MUST e-mail us the EXACT table width and length. We cannot be responsible for any errors when measuring your table so we politely ask you ensure the dimensions are correct. If you are not sure please contact us and we will be happy to help.