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How to Sew with Oilcloth

Sewing with Oilcloth, PVC Vinyl or Acrylic Fabric can be so rewarding. There has been a real increase in the popularity of working with Oilcloth. Lots of small businesses are now flourishing selling things such as Oilcloth Bags, aprons and peg bags. Due to how versatile Oilcloth is the only limitations really are your imagination when working with Oilcloth.

Whilst the benefits of sewing with Oilcloth are lots it can also be quite a daunting task to even seasoned crafters on how to sew with Oilcloth. Don͛t worry as we are here to give you some helpful tips to make your life easier when sewing with oilcloth.

Remember that these are our experiences and these are what has worked with us. The issue with Oilcloth is it doesn't feed through the sewing machine as freely as fabric. This is simply because of the PVC laminate which makes the feed quite difficult. When we first started sewing with Oilcloth we started using masking tape but we found this unduly difficult. We used a leather needle as well but found a size 14 or 16 standard needle to work better.

The lightbulb moment for us was when we bought a roller foot. This just made sewing with Oilcloth so much more stress free.

When sewing with PVC Vinyl there are no special tips really it is as simple as sewing with cotton or poly-cotton fabric.

Well, hopefully this has helped somewhat and one final tip is when starting to sew with Oilcloth ensure you just use offcuts . That way it doesn't become so expensive when you make those inevitable first few mistakes.