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Welcome to our all-new blog

Welcome to our all-new blog. This has been a real labour of love and taken quite a while but we wanted to make sure we got it to a standard that we are happy with. We want to ensure our new site shows off all our wonderful oilcloths and PVC Vinyls in their glory. In the development of this blog we did lots of research and found that most blogs linked to a business were constantly trying to sell to people. We hope ours isn͛t like this and that we can help and inform you a bit more.

At the heart of what we do is that we are all passionate creative people so we will share some tutorials on things to make with our oilcloths and PVC Vinyls.

We also love interior design and we will be certain to share our idle ramblings on what we have seen and love. So we do hope you don͛t feel ͚sold at͛ and that this blog is informative, visual and at times mildly funny.

We want to make the dining table a place where people congregate again. Whether that is for dinner, crafting, cooking or just having a chat then hopefully with our tips and wonderful tablecloths it will once again become the focal point of any home.

If there is anything you would like us to blog about please do get in touch. We hope you enjoy our blog posts!

Article 1 - What is Oilcloth?

Possibly the most asked question asked to us is 'What is the difference between your Tablecloths?'. Unfortunately, over the years the difference has become a bit clouded as modern oilcloth is nothing like it was many years ago.
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Article 2 - How to Sew with Oilcloth

Sewing with Oilcloth, PVC Vinyl or Acrylic Fabric can be so rewarding. There has been a real increase in the popularity of working with Oilcloth. Lots of small businesses are now flourishing selling things such as Oilcloth Bags, aprons and peg bags. Due to how versatile Oilcloth is the only limitations really are your imagination when working with Oilcloth
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Article 3 - Top Tips-Sewing with Oilcloth

We know how clever you lot are and lots of you buy our remnants bags to make things from. However sewing with Oilcloth can appear a little daunting at times so here are our top tips
Working with Oilcloth can be so rewarding, yet it has a reputation for being difficult to work with. There are lots of wonderful items that are made by people using oilcloth; these range from bags, iphone covers, ipad cases, aprons and we have even seen a pair of shoes made from it!
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